Not sure how many of you have seen the Personal Income Spending Flowchart on my lnktree, but go check it out. It’s here. I encourage you to have it open or to even print it out as you start on your journey. I’ll be walking through it. That is the TL;DR.

Investing can seem fun, scary, crazy, or something that you would’ve never thought of doing. Whatever that looks like for you, my goal is to help you get on track for retirement, and help you set yourself up for success.

But first things first… budgeting!!

Step 0 — Budget & reduce expenses, set realistic goals


Budgeting is essential to…

When you think of investing you should be thinking about your future. Do not do it for the pleasures of the now. Do it for the pleasures of the future, your future self. This isn’t about instant gratification. It will take time. This is about planning for the uncertainty that the future brings and taking control of your financial life. This is a call to action to feed your brain with knowledge that can expand your capacity. Give yourself time to absorb the content if it feels challenging, but know that your future depends on understanding. Don’t let your money…

Answering every day questions from my DMs.

Which company is best to open a Roth IRA?

There isn’t a best company to open a Roth IRA with, but it may depend on how hands on you want to be with your retirement account. If you want a more hands-off approach, you could open it with Betterment and any other robo-advisor. If you do it manually, I only have experience using Fidelity, tried Vanguard and it didn’t cut it for me. Betterment and other robo-advisors will probably charge you some fee, in case of Betterment their fee is 0.25% …

A mega backdoor Roth IRA is just a strategy that people use to contribute to their Roth IRA or Roth 401(k), on top of the regular contribution limits. Meaning it doesn’t matter if you meet the income thresholds or not. If you have a 401(k) plan from your employer, you can still contribute to your Roth IRA using this strategy.

The flowchart should help determine if you can contribute.


You make a non-deductible contribution to your Traditional IRA and then you convert your contribution to a Roth IRA. Meaning this contribution will need to be made with after-tax money (remember…

In this series I hope to answer some of the first questions asked on this subject. I am in no means an expert on this material, but will link to the sources that I use as a resource for your benefit. I hope this is helpful! Send any questions my way, I am also interested in knowing the response.

Part 1. Earnings taxation: the three buckets.

Part 2. Budgeting and First Steps to becoming Financially Aware.

Part 3. Savings accounts and why I closed mine.

Part 4. Investing for the long term.

Part 5. Liquidity and how to access your contributions.

Series Q&A

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I’m doing this to help others become more knowledgeable on the subject of personal finance. I had a very unique experience growing up where I knew a lot about personal finances, my mom was great with her money. She taught me A LOT but wasn’t knowledgeable about investing and was afraid of the stock market.

I started investing with Stash Invest a long time ago, back when I was in college. Started with recurring deposits of $5 a month to some categories that I had selected. It was very complicated. Later I found out I could buy individual stocks. Not…


From San Juan, Puerto Rico. Graduated from Columbia University in Dec 2019 and joined LinkedIn right after. Currently working from home in Los Angeles.

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